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Centuries ago it may have been difficult for pregnant women and their children to get proper nourishment, probably leading to smaller – and therefore shorter-lived – adults.
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When AIDS first appeared, people didn’t know what it was. You’ll remember that it affected mostly young gay men – it was actually called GRID for a short period of time: Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Syndrome – and people thought it actually might be recreational drugs or other types of toxins.
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Jokes are better than war. Even the most aggressive jokes are better than the least aggressive wars. Even the longest jokes are better than the shortest wars.
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I’m not a writer. I think I can write short stories and poetry, but film writing, brilliant film writing, is a talent – you can’t just do it like that.
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I was writing short films and I was going through this really, really, really terrible end of a relationship that I didn’t want to be going through. It was too much for me to process and all of a sudden I had this idea for my first feature film and I knew right away I had to start writing it.
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I think fiction isn’t so good at being for or against things in general – the rhetorical argument a short story can make is only actualized by the accretion of particular details, and the specificity of these details renders whatever conclusions the story reaches invalid for wider application.
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It doesn’t seem as if there’s that much of a difference between a big production and a little production, other than you have a smaller space in which to get dressed and you have a shorter waiting time.
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A short story is a shard, a sliver, a vignette. It’s a biopsy on the human condition but it doesn’t have this capacity to think autonomously for itself.
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It may be true, that men, who are mere mathematicians, have certain specific shortcomings, but that is not the fault of mathematics, for it is equally true of every other exclusive occupation.
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I always wanted to be a writer, and I did want to be a novelist. In college I took a couple of classes that taught me I would never be a novelist. I discovered I had no imagination. My short stories were always thinly veiled memoir.
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